Turbo-Tek: The best filtration solutions that improve performance and reduce maintenance costs

Donaldson HEPA Turbo-Tek filter range is manufactured based on the union of "Premium" composite filter media providing HEPA efficiency filtration. It is durable, pulsatile and resistant to moisture. The construction of the filter media is designed to maximize capacity while minimizing operational restriction throughout the life of the filter element:

  • ULTRA PERFORMANCE: Low pressure drop during the life of the element.
  • EXTRA AVAILABILITY: Predictable filter change + long filter life.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Reduces wear, fouling and clogging.
  • WATERPROOF (H2O & H2O+): For salts and other water-soluble contaminants.

If you are not using Donaldson filters currently, you may be wasting the performance of your equipment. Your next step is to access a higher quality filter media like our family of Turbo-Tek patented products. These Donaldson "Premium" filters offer you an improvement in the performance of your turbine, lower maintenance costs and lengthening the time interval between costly maintenance stops. Contact one of our representatives to show you how Donaldson air filtration systems can help you to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your gas turbines.