We represent the brands that supply filtration equipment to the manufacturers of your engine. High quality at the best price.


  • High efficiency filters for moisture removal and particles for reservoir vents.

  • High efficiency filtration for low, medium and high-pressure lines.

  • Filters for aspiration and return.

  • Oil-water separators.

  • Accessories: heads, level indicators, pressure gauges, electrical indicators...

  • Mobile units for solid pollutants and water in oil filtrations.


  • Filters and filter elements for engines and compressors air intake.

  • Oil-air separators for compressors.

  • Cabin filter, cab air conditioning with and without active carbon.

  • Top Spin high efficiency air prefilters.

  • Vent filters for fuel and oil tanks.


  • Filter elements, cartridges and threads for all types of oils.

  • Mobile filtration units for solids-water separation.

  • Filters for the reduction of acidity levels in oil through ion exchange.

  • Kidney filters.

  • Water separation funnels.

  • Carter gas ventilation.


  • High efficiency filtration equipment for large storage tanks loading and supply.

  • Fuel separators - 100% pure water.

  • Spare parts for RACOR separators, heads, valves, vessels, gaskets, covers...

  • Fuel prefilters.

  • Absorbing filters.

  • Filter elements, cartridges and threads for every kind of fuels.

  • Mobile filtration units for fuel tanks.

  • Algae elimination and filtration.

  • Bacteria mechanical removal.


  • Filtering elements for air intake in main and auxiliary engines.

  • Filter housings for engine air intake.

  • Blanket filter type prefilters for engine air intake.

  • Filter panels for engine rooms.

  • Oil mist removal for engine rooms.

  • Tank vent filters.

  • Brake line dryers.

  • Compressed air filtration management.


  • Filters, cartridges and threads, for any kind of oils.

  • Kidney units for solid contaminants and water filtration.

  • Coalescing filters.

  • Oil-water separators.

  • Tank vent filters.

  • Oil mist removal for engine rooms.

  • Oil conditioning units for the removal of solids, water, acidity reduction...


  • All kinds of fuel filtration (light, heavy...).

  • Cartridge and threaded filter elements.

  • Prefilters.

  • Fuel-water RACOR separators: turbine, threaded, housings for large sizes...

  • Fuel-water FBO-PARKER separators.

  • Fuel tanks mobile filtration units.

  • Bacteria removal through mechanical means.

  • Processing for algae removal in fuel tanks.


  • Hydraulic filters for low, medium and high pressure.

  • Cartridge and threaded filter elements.

  • Duramax® Donaldson low and medium pressure screw elements.

  • Mann oil centrifuges.

  • Oil-water separator filters.

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