We are leaders in specific filtration management for power generation. Our technical department, along with a team of certified supervisors by the leading filtration companies in the power generation sector, will offer you innovating solutions, which will avoid costly interruptions and will improve your production significantly.


  • High efficiency filter elements, ion exchangers, coalescent.

  • Filtration skids.

  • Filtering elements to prevent and remove varnishes.

  • Filtering elements to reduce acidity and remove water through ion Exchange.

  • Lubrication oils filtration for wind turbines.


  • Treatment of compressed air, particles filtration, water removal, dryers...

  • Breather filters for the wind sector, fuel and oil tanks.

  • Conical and cylindrical filter cartridges, panels, mini-pleats, bag prefilters, Hepa filters...

  • Cut blanket filters (size and shape) for the wind energy sector.

  • Filters for compressors and fuel or gas generation engines.

  • Bag filters for biomass.


  • Water-fuel separators.

  • Water separation coalescing filters.

  • Heavy and light fuels filtration.

  • Gas filtration.

  • High efficiency filtration of large fuel tanks.


  • Electro-valves for self-cleaning systems.

  • Tripods to fix filter cartridges.

  • Mobile units for the filtration of solids and water in fuels.
  • Kidney equipment for oil lubrication systems.

  • Mobile units for the filtration of solids and water in oils.

  • Droplet trappers for gas turbines air intake.

  • Humidification and distribution pads for evaporative systems in gas turbines.

  • Oil conditioning equipment, removal of water, air, contaminants, reduction of ISO and NASH up to usage levels.

  • Gas turbine muffler.

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