Since last August, FIRES and Donaldson Europe have reached a distribution agreement whereby FIRE is appointed the oficial distribution of Donaldson in Europe for the filter elements of Capstone gas microturbines.

FIRES takes on the challenge of global supply of air filter elements for Capstone throughout Europe and is commited to actively promoting for the development of supply of Donaldson filtration solutions in the European microtubine market. To achieve these objetives, we already have a stock in our facilities with which we can offer an immediate delivery service to any European destination.

 Donaldson, the world leader in filtration industry for than 100 years and a turnover of $2.58B, more than 2,400 active patents worldwide, presence in 40 countries and 100 technical laboratorories, is a world reference in filtration to level in markets as diverse as aerospace, agriculture, construction, transport, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical…


Fires has been a leading filtration specialist for more than 20 years that markets, installs, and maintains filtration equipment for Gas Turbines in Spain, Portugal and South American market as an official distributor of Donaldson Gas Turbine Systems. It also performs supervisión and maintenance of air intake systems in gas turbines in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Gas microturbines have passed the experimental prototype stage to become a real and attractive alternative for small-scale electrical power generation.

Micro gas turbines are small combustión turbines, with powers that currently stand at scalable powers between 100kW and 30mW. Th fuel used can be natural gas, LPG, propane, flare gas, landfill gas, digester gas, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene.

Its configuration can be single or double shaft. They can be single cycle or regenerative. The first will allow us to reduce production costs and easier maintenance. In the simple cycle the fuel is used mixed with compressed air at constant pressure. Regeneratives recover the heat from the outlet stream and inject i tinto incoming air flow, making their efficiency greater.

Their main characteristics are their low level of emissions and noise, as well as their reduced size and weight, which make them a very attractive option when there is a limitation of space or when high levels of environmetal and acoustic protection are required.

They are also a perfect option to combine with absortion refrigeration equipment for the production of cold and heat generation. They are a benchmark in sectors such as greenhouses, dryers and air conditioning, in which the heat supplied must contain a low level of CO2 and hydrocarbons.


Capstone Turbine Corporation is the world´s leading produce of rugged, low emission and highly efficient microturbine power systems. Capstone microturbines serve multiple markets around the world, including natural resources, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy supply critcism, transport and microgrids.

Advance engineering and its more 100 patents place Capstone on a level of its own. By integrating an aeronautics turbine engine, a magnetic generator, power electronics advances, with patented air bearing technology, the Capstone microturbines are the ideal solution for the needs of distributed energy today.